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Keonz Quek Is A Nutrition Expert

Keonz Quek is a trained dietician and nutrition expert carrying more than two decades of rich experience in the nutrition industry. He holds a Bachelor degree in Nutritional Sciences & a Masters degree in Dietetics. He has also cleared a national examination administered by the Commission on Dietetic Registration along with a certified practice course at a well established health care facility. Before setting up his own clinic, he worked as a full-time dietician in a well-known health care center for five years. This time-frame of five years according to Keonz is the most significant period of his career. During these years, he obtained great knowledge about health and fitness from Dr. Keith J. Cruise, who was the owner of the health care center.

Today after so many years, Keonz Quek still keeps in mind everything he learnt at his first job. There are a number of things that have contributed in making Keonz the premier choice of numerous people. For instance, unlike many other dieticians, he creates interesting diet plans which are not limited to bland foods. Moreover, if any of his clients is allergic to any food product or doesn't like its taste, he substitutes it with another ingredient with the same nutritional value.

Keonz Quek also runs a food and health blog to share healthy recipes and fitness tips with people. He considers his blog a great medium to create health awareness among people in different parts of the world. In his last blog post, he shared with his readers a healthy salad recipe made with fresh veggies; like cherry tomatoes, black olives, carrots, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, bell pepper, fresh corns, and some nuts. For the dressing; he used olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, black pepper, and salt.